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Dan’s Dives

Daniel Vale set up his diving business on Malapascua in 2005. Unlike most of the other operators he’s not situated on the beach, but in the village behind. There’s a bunch of signs nailed to coconut trees here and there, but if you miss them any of of the locals can point you in the right direction.

Before setting up a dive business on Malapascua, Dan worked in telecoms. Growing tired of neckties and office work he decided it was time for a serious change of life and settled for good on Malapascua.

Dan’s Dives doesn’t advertise much online and you can’t book diving in advance with him. He caters almost exclusively to walk-in-customers - mostly backpackers and budget travellers. He claims he offers the cheapest diving on the island. We’re not 100% sure the claim will stand up to close scrutiny, as prices always go up and down depending on a hundred fuzzy factors. (Not just at Dan’s, or on Malapascua, but in dive shops everywhere) We are sure, however, that he’s got one of the diveshops you’ll definitely want to check out if you’re bargain-hunting.


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                                 The divemaster was superb...                   Mar 2010

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