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Thresher Shark Divers a five star PADI IDC centre, started about five years ago by Andrea and Trevor, who before that had been managers of another dive centre on Malapascua. Despite it’s status as a relative newcomer TSD have done very well for themselves, and is now arguably one of....            read more

You can read a bit about the price of diving on the page with  general dive info. Prices however tend to vary quite a bit. You may be able to get a discount in off season, especially from the smaller companies.

Sea Explorers

... has been consistently successful as a quality dive operation in the Philippines for well over a decade, and have had a dive shop on Malapascua since 2002. Their customers are from all over the world, but German-speaking people are dominant. This is partly because of many repeat...                  read more

Dan’s Dives

Daniel Vale set up his diving business on Malapascua in 2005. Unlike most of the other operators he’s not situated on the beach, but in the village behind. There’s a bunch of signs nailed to coconut trees here and there, but if you miss them any of of the locals can point you in the right direction...     read more


Exotic is a five star PADI IDC resort situated at the far end of Bounty Beach. Exotic was the first dive operator to set up business on Malapascua more than thirteen years ago. Still today, it is the only resort on the Island that provides everything. It has its own restaurant and bar, rooms, dive...         read more


Evolution opened in the beginning of 2010, and is a Malapascua first in that they primarily cater to tech divers, but of course welcome normal recreational divers as well. Both of the owners, David Joyce and Matt Reed are avid tech instructors...   read more

Malapascua Beach Divers

Malapascua Beach Divers are situated on Bounty Beach in the Malapascua Beach Resort, a resort formerly known as Blue Water. The dive shop has a decent classroom and good facilities, but is not very busy.  If you’re bargain hunting this...   read more

Fun and Sun

Fun and Sun is your typical beach dive shop, situated on Bounty Beach, roughly between Sea Explorers and Exotic. It’s a relatively small outfit run by Nazario, “Naz.”  As one of the smaller companies on Malapascua, Fun & Sun....                      read more


Situated on Logon Beach, Divelink share a house with the Thresher Shark Conservation Project, although they are two separate entities. Divelink has had a presence on Malapascua for five years, and was started by Gary Cases...               read more