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Exotic is a five star PADI IDC resort situated at the far end of Bounty Beach. Exotic was the first dive operator to set up business on Malapascua more than thirteen years ago. In fact the owner Dick, was the first one to dive with the thresher sharks at Monad Shoal. Still today, it is the only resort on the Island that provides everything. It has its own restaurant and bar, rooms, dive shop and beautiful white beach. Exotic doesn’t get as many walk-in customers as the other dive shops situated closer to where the public bancas arrive. This however doesn’t mean that business is slow, as Exotic is usually busy with customers, mostly Europeans, who go there on pre-booked holidays and dive packages.

It would seem that many of the customers staying at Exotic never walk further down the beach to try the bars and restaurants there. On reason might be that it’s a little far and the walkway on the beach gets very dark at night. Another reason might be that you could reasonably argue, that Exotic has everything you’d want or need right there! Exotic is almost a little community to itself.

Besides all PADI courses, Exotic offers technical diving. Exotic currently has the best classroom facilities on the island. For people wishing to do a divemaster internship they offer very cheap basic bungalows at the back. WiFi is provided free of charge to all divers, divemaster trainees and instructor candidates.

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