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BB’s Guesthouse

Mette and Allan from Denmark, March 2010

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We stayed at two different resorts on Malapascua, one cheap and one expensive. The cheap one was BB’s. At first we were offered a room for 300 pesos. It was very small and there wasn’t room for anything more than a bed, a small stand and a fan. We chose to upgrade to a somewhat larger room with own bathroom and toilet. The price was 600 php, but we thought it was much better value for the money. It had everything we needed. The room wasn’t as fancy as the expensive one we had had at Mangrove, but it was very well cleaned. We didn’t always have running water, but what the h... Bounty beach was pretty much right outside, so it didn’t matter too much. The best part was that BB’s was right next to Ging Ging, where we could eat good food at dirt cheap prices!

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