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Mangrove Oriental

Mette and Allan from Denmark, March 2010

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We stayed at two different resorts on Malapascua, one cheap and one expensive. The expensive one, Mangrove Oriental was on the other side of the island of Bounty Beach, which is the main beach. It was about 7-800 meter away from there. The main building with the restaurant and the sun terrace was very nice and the ambiance was very peaceful. The hostess was very friendly and helpful, and she apparently enjoyed to mingle with the guests which made us feel welcome.  The room was as you’d expect in the high price bracket. It was spacious, had aircon and a great king size bed. The rooms also had a nice modern bathroom with hot water and everything appeared new.  The price however was 3.800 peses (we however managed to bargain her down to 3.500)

The food in the restaurant was god but much, much too expensive. We paid php 400 and upwards  for a small portion! Our conclusion was, that even though the place itself was nice, the price of the accommodation and food was somewhat inflated. This detracted from our overall enjoyment, and thus we found somewhere else to stay.

Mangrove Oriental terrace
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