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Review of TSD

Dave Allen, Feb 2010   -

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Although the diving was spectacular at Kalanggaman, I would have easily given up 1 dive for a longer surface interval in utter paradise, but we were so captivated by the site I risked the ire of the other divers for being the last one back as I scrambled for HD footage. I double timed it back and was relieved to see I was not the last one, a few others had also fallen under the spell of Kalanggaman island.

Eventually we tore ourselves away for a 3rd and final dive before heading back the 45 minutes or so to Malapascua Island.

Upon return, as always, the staff carried everything, from my rebreather, guests gear and photographic equipment where they all went into their respective rinse tanks.

Each afternoon, after a fantastic days worth of diving, it was a hot shower at Tepanee, a change of clothes, a brief rest, dinner at either Tepanee or Oscars, and up to “The Pub Upstairs” to relive the days adventure.

For those that don’t dive and those who do but enjoy local adventure, we grabbed a motorbike provided by Thresher Shark Divers and spent an afternoon exploring the interior of Malapascua.

Seven days came and went in a blur of amazement, so sadly we had to pack our bags and say our goodbyes.

If you are looking for a new exotic dive destination that caters to western perceptions of accommodations, food and service, and want it rolled into a consistent large pelagic shark encounter destination yet still brimming with odd macro critters, all wrapped in a visually stunning tropical island paradise way from the crowds, Malapascua, Thresher Shark Divers and Tepanee Resort is the perfect rare combination of all the above, and for a price far less expensive than the Caribbean.