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Sea Explorers

Sea Explorers has been consistently successful as a quality dive operation in the Philippines for well over a decade, and have had a PADI five star dive shop on Malapascua since 2002. Their Customers are from all over the world, but German-speaking people are dominant. This is partly because of many repeat customers, and partly I think because Sea Explorers is run by Germans, who advertise heavily in German magazines.  As much as I hate to breathe life into clichés, I’m almost inclined to say that the German ownership is evident. Nothing is out of place. Everything runs smooth like a clockwork. If you appreciate ordnung, you’ll appreciate diving with these people.

Sea Explorers offer two very good deals we think. One of them is unlimited diving for any number of days. This literally means you can dive as much as you want to, four or even five dives a day - you pay per day, not per dive. If you’re a hardcore diver and often come home from a holiday thinking you need another holiday, then this should appeal to you, as you can really save some money. The second nice deal that they’ve got, is that any dive bought in a Sea Explorers shop can be transfered to another Sea Explorers shop in the Philippines. This means that if you buy a package of twenty or thirty dives, you can chose to do a dozen here and use the rest in one or more of the other cool diving destinations in the Philippines where Sea Explorers has a branch. Currently they have operations in Alona Beach, Moalboal, Sequijor, Dumaguete and Cabilao, They also handle transfer between the branches very well.

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