You’ll find Tepanee on Logon Beach, (at the far right, facing away from the sea). Tepanee shares a beautiful private white sand beach with its neighbour, Logon Beach Resort, where no one will bother you. The resort is newly built and you can appreciate the attention to detail everywhere. There’s a number of bungalows, tastefully furnished, and all with aircon and fridge. If you want, you can have the aircon switched off and get a discount. Most rooms have seaview. Overall good choice and value.

Tepanee is right behind the quiet Italian restaurant Angelina, where we’ll argue you can find the best pizzas (if not in the world, then at least for a hundred miles) Note, that because of the private location, Tepanee’s ten minutes walk from the few bars and noise - You’ll appreciate it if you bring a flashlight, for the walk home.

You can visit the homepage of Tepanee Beach Resort here.

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