Travel time:25 min




Current:Usually only current by full moon

The dive site which made Malapascua famous. The only place in the world were divers can routinely see Pelagic thresher sharks as well as the common thresher shark.  The sharks come there in the early morning to enjoy the attention of cleanerfish. Divers are not allowed to use torches or camera flashes as there’s concern it will disturb the sharks and scare them away. You should limit your swimming about as much as possible for the same reason. Most of a dive here is enjoyed by sitting quietly on the bottom. Monad Shoal is also an excellent site for spotting manta rays.  They are mostly seen in the afternoon though. See the thresher sharks on YouTube.

Read more about thresher sharks


Travel time:70 min




Current:Can be strong

The Dona Marilyn was a big passenger ferry, travelling between Manila and Cebu, that sunk in a strong typhoon more than 20 years ago. Today it’s a very interesting and photogenic wreck. The ferry is around 90 metres long and lies on its starboard side. Nitrox is recommended if you are certified for it, as bottomtime otherwise can be quite restrictive. The port side is covered with soft corals. Beware of the many scorpion fish that are everywhere on this wreck.

Travel time:80 min

Experience:Beginner to advanced


Depth:5-40+ m

Current:Hardly ever any current

A beautiful island with great wall diving. The walls abound  with soft and hard corals and fish life here is often better than at the other sites. The wall begins at five to ten meters and goes very deep Indeed. If you like deep diving, you’ll love Calangaman. Finish your dives enjoying the soft and unspoiled corals from 5-10 meters. As it’s quite a long boat ride to the island from Malapascua most dive shops only do two-dive trips and serve lunch on the Island. Enjoy the amazing beach in your surface interval - and don’t forget sunblock!

Travel time:10 min




Current:Can be strong

Not a very large dive site, but a favourite of macro fanatics. Deep Rock is just that, a beautiful rock, set quite deep and about 20 metres wide. The rock is  covered in soft and hard corals. There’s is not a lot of reef fish, but what may be lacking in obvious fish life is certainly made up for in weird critters. There’s plenty of  nudibranches, pygmy seahorses, pipe fish, frogfish and beautiful coral crabs and shrimps. Get your macro lens ready.

Thresher sharks are severely threatened - to read  about these amazing creatures and the ongoing conservation efforts visit the Thresher Shark Project.

Dona Marilyn

Deep Rock


Monad shoal

Malapascua offers diving ranging from very easy to quite challenging. You can find wrecks, gentle slopes, lush corals, steep walls, dramatic drop-offs and sites requiring considerable skill and tech gear - most of this within half an hour of transport from the island. We try to list some of the best divesites around Malapascua on these pages. Please notice that some descriptions are for a very specific site, whereas in other cases it’s generic info for the type of diving found there - there’s a lot of wall to explore around Calangaman for example.


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