Travel time:5-10 min




Current:Hardly ever any current

Located right off Malapascua Island, Lighthouse reef is - rather obviously - named after the nearby lighthouse. It’s a nice easy and shallow dive site very suitable for beginners. It offers the wreck of a small banca, as well as good chances to spot sea horses. It’s a favourite spot for night diving, as you’re almost guaranteed to see mating mandarin fish, if your guide knows where to look and if you make it to the site at sunset. Also the very rare and hard to spot blue ringed octopus occasionally make an appearance here.


Travel time:50 min

Experience:Advanced / Blue water dive



Current:Usually no current

Unless you’re doing very deep tec diving, diving at Kimud Shoal is a blue water dive, where you’ll gradually ascend. The hammerheads are what people go here for, but they aren’t there all year. Chances are best from February to April, but they have been sighted earlier as well. Use of camera flashes is discouraged, as it scares the sharks away into the deep. You may get lucky and see large pelargics as well.

Travel time:45 min

Experience:Beginner to advanced



Current:Can be strong

Gato is a smal rock island, commonly regarded as one of the best dive sites in the Visayan sea. There’s one major tunnel under the island, as well as numerous minor swimthroughs, all of them accessible to divers. Bringing a torch is essential for navigation through the big tunnel, as there’s one part in the middle of the tunnel where outside daylight can be hard to see. Not recommended for people with a claustrophobic inclination, although the tunnel isn’t narrow at all. If you look under the many outhangs, you are almost guaranteed to see resting white tip reef sharks and nurse sharks.

Travel time:10 min




Current:Can be strong

Not a very large dive site, but a favourite of many. Lapus Lapus is arguably one of the nicest coral gardens around Malapascua  There’s not a lot of reef fish, but quite a lot of macrolife. Good place to spot pygmy seahorses, and there’s a very nice overhang. Other common encounters are frogfishes, cardinal fishes, nudibranches, lion fish and scorpion fish.


Kimud Shoal

Gato Island

Lapus Lapus


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