Travel time:15 min

Experience:Very advanced



Current:Usually not much current

Located right off Malapascua Island, the Pioneer wreck is perhaps one of the most interesting dive sites around Malapascua. It is a Japanese warship sunk during WW2, but has been dubbed Pioneer as its real name or identity is unknown. Penetration is possible. This is a very deep divesite, requiring advanced training and familiarity with deco-planning etc. Exotic, Thresher Sharks Divers and Evolution offer tech diving courses, as well as tech fun diving. The pioneer wreck is difficult to get a fix on, so additionally a local fisherman may be required to drop a line onto it, as there’s no bouy. It’s often the case that the water appears quite murky the first twenty meters, but then suddenly becomes clear as you descend.


Travel time:15 min




Current:No current

Bantigue Cove is a small shallow and sheltered bay. It’s one of those places where you can always go diving, even when the weather is acting up. Because it’s such an easy divesite it’s often favoured by instructors teaching beginners how to dive, but the site is actually quite nice in itself. Most of the bay has got a sandy bottom with small and medium sized boulders. Good for macro diving, especially along the edges, away from the beach.

Travel time:15 min

Experience:Beginner to advanced



Current:Can be strong

As implied by the name Deep slope is a gently sloping divesite. The slope is mostly rocky with nice hard and soft coral formations. Along it, you’ll find large sea fans where pygmi seahorses may be found. At the end of the slope a sandy bottom meets you. Here you’ll find soles and cuttlefish and perhaps a stargazer if you’ve got your eyes with you.

A warm thank you to Sven Zenker and Fabienne Wyss for most of the pictures.

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