Travel time:15 min




Current:Can be strong

Located right off Malapascua Island to the north, Quilliano is a macro site where nudibranches, shrimps and porcelain crabs abound. As with most of the northern divesites Quilliano is most often chosen as a divesite when the current isn’t running or is only weak to moderate, as most find it makes for a much more enjoyable dive. If currents are too strong nearby Bantigue cove offer quite similar diving. Good place to find scorpion- and lionfish, as well as the relatively rare seamoths and peacock razorfins.


Travel time:15 min




Current:Hardly ever any current

Laplight is a small shallow and sheltered bay roughly between Lapus-Lapus and Lighthouse, hence the name. It’s one of those places where you can dive, even if the weather is acting up. Because it’s an easy divesite it’s quite often chosen by instructors teaching beginners how to dive, but the site is actually  nice in itself with healthy coral growth along a gently sloping bottom. Big boulders make an interesting topography, and the site is generally good for macro diving.

Travel time:15 min

Experience:Beginner to intermediate



Current:Can be strong

Northpoint is a divesite that offers plenty of healthy hard and soft corals, interspaced with big boulders. The topography is generally quite flat, and if the current is running there is not much shelter to find. If you swim to the south east you’ll come to a small ridge, a meter or two high, below which is a sandy area. Here you’ll find soles and cuttlefish, but what most people go looking for at Northpoint are frogfish.


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Travel time:50 min




Current:Can be strong

As Maria’s point is by Carnaza Island, quite a distance from Malapascua, it’s not frequented very often by divers. It is however a very nice divesite, with numerous caverns, overhangs and swim-throughs. Although there is visible dynamite damage from illegal fishing in parts, most of the divesite is undamaged and quite beautiful. As Maria’s point is not dived that often, there is no clear shared definition of the size of the divesite. Beware -  some of the caves may contain parts with no visible light from outside. Do not dive into these parts, unless you have special training and equipment.




North point

Clowfish on Malapascua
Two nudibranches

Maria’s point