Diving is good all year round, but visibility really takes a drop around late November/beginning of December, where the water changes from blue to green and drops to 27 degrees Celsius. This lasts throughout December till the end of January. In this period visibility is anywhere between 5-10 meters, but can climb to 15 on a good day.  The rest of the year expect 15+ meters (up to 30, some say more - but you know how divers are always exaggerating...)  The drop in visibility around christmas doesn’t mean that the diving is bad - indeed there are actually more mantas and other pelargics, (who love the extra plankton in the water) they are just more difficult spotting and getting good photos off. If you dream of pygmi seahorses, ornate ghost pipefishes and strange and rare nudibranches - then there’s no reason to shy away from the water. All the magnificent critters are there all year round.


You already knew there wasn’t any single and easy answer, didn’t you? Everyone’s different, what’s right for you may be wrong for someone else. Your answer would likely depend on your budget, diving experience, expectations of service and so on. There’s about half a dozen dive operators to choose from, who cater to all tastes and budgets. We’ll try to inform you as well as possible on your options, and leave the choice to you.

The three largest operations (judging by the number of boats and divers) are Sea Explorers, Thresher Shark Divers and Exotic. Their succes is a combination of service and professionalism as well as good marketing abroad and on the internet. They also have very good safety records and many repeat customers.

Of smaller companies, you currently have the choice between Divelink, Malapascua Beach Divers, Dan’s Dives and Fun and Sun. The smaller companies tend to be a bit cheaper, although it’s not very much. Fun and Sun seems to have the lowest prices generally, but if you’re really bargain hunting you’ll have to shop around and try to get a good offer. As a matter of fact,  If you haven’t prebooked a diving package already, we recommend you have a walk around, talk to a few of the dive centres and go with your gut feeling, don’t just look at the price. With the exception of Malapascua Beach Divers, the smaller companies do not currently offer nitrox.

Other diveshops are currently setting up business. We’re of course excited about this and will update this page as soon as it happens and they are ready for customers.

Don’t forget to read about the dive sites on Malapascua!

Who should I dive with?

When is diving season?

Diving is what put Malapascua on the map (besides the late Steve Irwin, who loved the place) Among divers the island is best known for the giant manta rays and shy thresher sharks that can be seen every day, year round at Monad shoal, but the waters around Malapascua has plenty more to offer, especially for macro fanatics.

If you’re not already a diver, why not chose Malapascua as the place where you become one? All of the dive shops offer PADI open water courses at reasonable prices. As a matter of fact it’s possible to do any courses from beginner to instructor and if you’re into technical diving you can enjoy that here as well!