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Ging Ging

Ging Ging has been a budget travellers favourite on Malapascua, ever since someone from Lonely Planet passed by and spread the word. While Ging Ging is primarily a restaurant, they do have two small and very basic rooms above the restaurant. They offer these rooms both on a day to day basis as well as for long term rental - the latter is of course much cheaper, if you intend to stay for while. The rooms are however very basic... You may want to see other places before you decide.

As for the restaurant, some people love it, others hate it.  It is admittedly quite basic, the lighting is horrible, the furniture is plastic and so on, or put in other words: It’s basically like nine out of ten local eateries in the Philippines. The food however is cheap, as can be seen to left, and is usually quite good. Expect to wait for while if there are many customers.

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The food is cheap at Ging Gings!