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Here you’ll find essential travel information about Malapascua. What you want to know about accommodation, the amazing diving and how to get here. Browse reviews of hotels and resorts and compare prices. Malapascua is steadily gaining fame as one of the most interesting dive destinations of the world - undoubtedly because of the clear blue water and the rare thresher sharks and manta rays you can see here all year round.

This is the guide to Malapascua island, maintained and updated by people in the know. Anything you read here is our own informed opinion,  We are not affiliated with or endorsed by any company or tour organiser operating on Malapascua.


Malapascua Island

We welcome you to enjoy the hospitality of Malapascua, to experience the magnificent thresher sharks, to laze on the white beaches, to meet the locals and tell your own stories of a paradise island of perfect tranquility. A story of Malapascua.


08. May  A ban on illegal fishing - blog entry.

12. Apr   New reviews of Mangrove Oriental and BB’s guesthouse.

11. Apr   Added Ging Ging and Cocobana to accommodation options.


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