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Moonlight Resort

Situated on the forested hills right outside the village, Mangrove Oriental is in many ways a unique resort on Malapascua. Walking up the hill admiring the lush tropical garden, you cannot help but feel it’s a special place, and true to its name, the resort has distinct oriental touches everywhere. The owner of the resort, Josephine, treats it as her own home, and thus all rooms are very different, but all tastefully and exquisitely furnished. It seems most of Mangrove’s customers are Europeans who pre-booked their holiday or diving package, but Mangrove Oriental welcomes walk-in guests as well.

When you live in Mangrove Oriental you feel like you’re living in something between a tropical garden and a wild forest. Before the resort opened its doors in 2004 the place was just that - a wild forest, considered absolutely worthless by the locals, as it was wildly overgrown and strewed with giant boulders. However, instead of cutting everything down, the resort sort of merged with the forested hills, creating a very special place indeed.

Besides running the resort, Josephine’s the one to cook most meals, and she really knows her way around in the kitchen! She creates exquisite meals for both romantic candlelit dinners as well as banquets for larger groups. How she finds time to both cook, run the resort and tend the amazing garden is really anyone’s guess.

One of the things that sets Mangrove Oriental apart from the other resorts is the semi-remote location. Whilst most other hotels and resorts are located on Bounty Beach, Mangrove lies secluded at the far end of Logon Beach. This lends the place a lovely quiet ambiance, but If you want to eat out on Bounty Beach, you’ll need to walk ten minutes. Because of the many stairs it’s also not recommended for people having difficulty walking.

Everything good comes at a price, and Mangrove Oriental is admittedly one of the pricier resorts on Malapascua - but the ambiance and sheer style there can’t really be found elsewhere on the island.

If you’re spending your honeymoon on Malapascua, we’d say Mangrove Oriental would be your best bet for a romantic and beautiful setting!

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