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There are NO cashmachines/ATMS on Malapascua - the nearest ATM is in Bogo, about two hours away by boat and bus! This is bound to change in the future, and we’ll update this page as soon as it does!

Many places do not accept credit cards and most of the ones that do charge an extra 5-10%. (Which is actually illegal in the Philippines - so instead they offer 5-10% rebate on cash purchases, which of course is exactly the same, only legal)

This all means you’re better off  bringing cash! It doesn’t matter which currency as there are a couple of money changers on the island - we have found that Sea Explorers usually give the best rate, but this may fluctuate and change. The very best rate will be found in proper banks in Cebu or Manila. If you’re exchanging money on Malapascua, you’re advised to shop around and find the best exchange rate yourself.  Traveller’s cheques are not welcome in most places


There are no real internet cafés on Malapascua, but it’s still possible to check your mail and do the odd bit of surfing. At the moment, besides buying your own USB modem somewhere and bringing it and a laptop with you, you have four options.

In our opinion Maldito Restaurant and Bar on Logon Beach currently offers the best internet on Malapascua. They have two stationary computers in the bar and offer WiFi as well. Use of the WiFi is charged very reasonably at only 60 php / hour

Second best, if you have your own laptop, is Oscar’s where you can buy unlimited WiFi access for a day for php 250. You buy the password in the bar, but there’s no easy or middle ground - it’s 250 or nothing.

Your other options are Sunsplash and Exotic. Sunsplash have two laptops that can connect to the internet by a USB modem. The connection is quite horrible however and it’s only really suitable for checking your mail. It’s also expensive.

Exotic has a smal room with two computers, where the speed of the connection is quite reasonable, they do charge quite a lot for the service if you’re not staying there as a guest however. Staying guests at Exotic can enjoy WiFi. They change the password every day which can be a bit annoying, but the connection is good. Sadly outside guests can not buy access to their WiFI.



The answer is it depends! If you’re a diver you may wish to avoid going to Malapascua in November-January, as the underwater visibility drops in these months and the sea gets a green tint. That said, diving is still pretty decent and it’s not quite as hot in the day. For further information on diving season, visibility and what you can see when, check out the diving section of this website.

Rainy season is roughly from September to January, but it’s a gentle rainy season compared to other Asian countries, where you’ll find non-stop monsoon rain day-in-day-out in some places.  On Malapascua we get plenty of perfect cloudless days in the rainy season, and then go through a couple of days where we get hard rain that stops as suddenly as it began half an hour later. 

If you are looking for a bargain on accommodation or diving, we’d recommend you avoid March-June, as that’s the time when most tourists visit the island, and available rooms can be few and far between. Having said that, the cost of living and eating out in the Philippines is generally very low so you may certainly wish to come regardless.

The current is 220V 50hz (same as in most of Europe, Thailand, Egypt and Cambodia to name just a few places) However the plugs used by appliances are of the type shown to the left.  Some, but not all types of wall outlets will allow the wider European plugs to be inserted as well. You may wish to purchase a converter before coming to Malapascua - they come in a hundred different designs and be bought everywhere in Asia. Your hotel or resort on Malapascua may be able to lend you one if you need it.


The island is only one by two kilometres, so you can actually get everywhere on foot. However if you want, the locals will usually be glad to arrange a motorbike for you. Getting a ride to anywhere on the island should be around 20-25 php. You can rent a bike (with or without driver) for around 200 php for a day. If you want a guided tour around the island, you should be able to get it for around 100 php.

(hint)   Bring this...

Malapascua gets very dark at night. Unless you plan to go bed at sunset you’ll find a flashlight handy. If you plan to stay for a while you’ll probably also find somewhere suitable to apply a bit of iodine, plasters and bandages. Wounds very easily get infected here.

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