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08. May  New blog entry, various small edits and changes.

12. Apr   Two new reviews of Mangrove Oriental and BB’s

  1. 11.Apr   Added Ging Ging and Cocobana to accommodation                                                     


09. Apr   Added Blue Corals hotel, updated page about

               thresher sharks

04. Apr   Added four more dive sites, also added snorkel test       

               and cabin fever on the blog.

03. Apr   Added BB’s lodging house to accommodation 


02. Apr   Added a new review of Dan’s Dives, did general

               overhaul and expanded the gallery again.

  1. 11.Mar   Added Evolution diveshop and info about thresher


09. Mar   Expanded the gallery. renamed it into “pictures”

               Also significantly updated the history page.

07. Mar   Presidential visit on Malapascua - blog entry.

  1. 17.Feb   Yoga on Malapascua - blog entry. Added links


  1. 10.Feb.   Strange fish! - blog entry. Added Malapascua

                Beach Resort.

09. Feb.   Slam’s and Hippocampus added

08. Feb.   Added one more dive operator, One review of

                Thresher Shark Divers and expanded gallery

06 Feb.    New blog entry: Cheap diving at Evolution

05 Feb.    Added two more dive operators.

02 Feb.    Updated practical information, added three more

                dive sites and FaceBook implementation.

29 Jan.    Added gallery, Exotic and Celtis resorts

26 Jan.    Shark finning rant. Blog entry.

20 Jan.    Added history and dive operators.

12 Jan.    Updated do’s and don’ts.

02 Jan.    Added four more dive sites.


28 Dec.   Quick info branched into two separate pages,

                and extra content added. Now the pages are:

                health and safety and practical information

16 Dec.   Tepanee and Logon Beach  Resort added.

12 Dec. went online following

                a week of hectic writing.